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Piercing jewelry and accessories for your studio

We sell separate piercing packages that contain everything you need to perform your chosen piercing. You just look up the name of the piercing you want in the list and click reserve. It couldn’t be simpler than that, If you prefer to buy special jewelry and tools, you can buy this, then everything is packaged in ten packs.

We also offer you two large starter kits so you can quickly get started with the piercing, they fit perfectly in for the courses at Piercingschoolonline. These contain everything that is needed apart from chemical products.

Discover a comprehensive selection of essential accessories for your piercing studio at our shop. Our sterile products, available at PSO Jewelry, maintain their sterility for an impressive five years when stored in unopened packaging. It‘s important to note that sterile-packaged items must be kept in a separate storage area. Rest assured, our compresses and needle receivers uphold the highest standards of cleanliness. Your studio‘s safety is our top priority.

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Free shipping on orders over $200